Squeegee Cutter Thieme TSC 1700 mm Rotating knife cutting only a 0,8 mm (1/32") thin strip of material Cooling lubricant guarantees precise cut of squeegee edge One cut for the perfect result No tiresome grinding dust Improved printing quality Increased endurance of squeegee edge Decreased solvent absorption Increased production performance
Screen washer SIRI-Soltec 1 Material: Chamber stainless steel V2A
Squeegee Grinder Semi-Automatic
Squeegee grinding machine Thieme RSA 100 Grinding length 1000 mm
HARLACHER H41 coating machine with fully automatic coating sequence according to selectable program for multiple wet-on-wet coatings as well as one or two-sided coating.
Teknek 1200 mm cleaning unit used for mounting
Quick start lamp 5000 W with height-adjustable tripod
Quick start lamp 5000 W with height adjustable tripod
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