¾ machines
Screen printing machine Тур SH 1,3 x 3,8 m year 2005 for glass printing and other rigid materials The new generation of machines is characterised by: Precision High performance Reliability Short rest times Inline system Screen printing machine Тур SH, with raised form mask and belt transport underneath. Maximum print format: max. 1300 x 3800 mm
Thieme 3000 S Flatbed screen printing 3/4 automatic, parallel lifting THIEME 3000S 170/250 + Natgraph combination dryer model 155/WU The machines are new with us in 2014 The max. print format is 1700 x 2500 mm. The dryer has a belt width of 1550 mm: Inlet 1000 mm/Heating zone 2000 mm to 85 degrees/UV-cooling zone 2000 mm (UV-part equipped with 2 lamps 120 Watt/cm), outlet 500 mm.
Thieme screen printing machine 3020 Year: 2005 3/4 automat print format 750 x 1050 mm
Thieme screen printing machine 3020 BJ: 1991 3/4 automat print format 700 x 1000 mm
Screenprinting Machine, Svecia SM 550 x 750mm printing area,4 post vertical-horizontal print head lift,infinitely and independently controlled squeegee and floodcoater speeds, fully integrated delivery system, in as new condition.
Thieme screenprint 3/4 automat 5040 format 120x160 cm year of construction 2001
Thieme 510 3/4 Automatic angle-opening Year of construction 1997 reconditioned machine very good condition
SVECIA Screen Printing Machine 3/4 Automat very good condition built in 1996
Thieme 3000 SH format 1700 mm X 2700 mm 3/4- or fully automatic flatbed screen printing machine for printing on glass and other rigid materials
SPM 880x1250 mm; year of construction 1983 No.47-40121 3/4 automatic machine with gripper system and fixed printing table.
Thieme screenprint printing format 120x160 cm consisting of: - Thieme 5040 3/4 automat
SVECIA Printmaster With gripper system and fixed printing table
SVECIA 3/4 automatic overhauled very good condition
SPS 3/4 Automat side delivery right Print format 1.60 x 3.40 m
SVECIA Printmaster Print size 880 x 1250 m
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