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Thieme screen printing machine 3020 BJ: 1991 3/4 automat print format 700 x 1000 mm
ATMA PC 710 3/4 automatic machine year 2014 print size 750 x 1050 mm movable print table to print on rigid and flexible substrates in thicknesses of up to 6 mm vertical, synchronised frame lift with highest precision by accurate 4-post system driven by electric motor precision print head with servomotor and pneumatic vertical lift for change of screens and cleaning jobs moveable metal vacuum base plate high-grade linear guidings made of innovative, highly resistant aluminium profiles for absolutely smooth and silent machine motions pneumatic squeegee pressure compensation extremely short set-up times by pneumatic frame locking adjustable inclination angle for squeegee and flood coater, readable by scale micrometric screen fine adjustment in x-y-z-axis, analogue reading pneumatic locking of micrometric fine adjustment silent and smooth motions with accurate positioning (± 0.05 mm) by means of wear-resisting guidance of the vacuum plate even at high speed levels automatic screen frame lift settable with micrometric adjustment air pressure equalizing system with sensor for constant squeegee and flood coater air pressure leading to consistent printing results safety guard loop protection and automatic machine stop with trouble shooting on the display in case of operating errors or malfunctions modern gripper system thicknesses of up to 6 mm automatic stripe-type material take-off to the rear with infinitely variable belt speed
Screenprinting Machine, Svecia SM 550 x 750mm printing area,4 post vertical-horizontal print head lift,infinitely and independently controlled squeegee and floodcoater speeds, fully integrated delivery system, in as new condition.
Thieme screenprint 3/4 automat 5040 format 120x160 cm year of construction 2001
Thieme screen printing machine 3/4 Automat Type 3020 year of construction: 1990 RL 820040749 without Teknek cleaning system 3/4 machine with side delivery left / right Print format 700 x 1000 mm squeegee mechanism with ball bush guide pneumatic squeegee switching and squeegee pressure freestanding control panel infinitely adjustable squeegee speed Angle screen holder with pneumatic clamping
Thieme 510 3/4 Automatic angle-opening Year of construction 1997 reconditioned machine very good condition
SVECIA Screen Printing Machine 3/4 Automat very good condition built in 1996
Thieme 3000 SH format 1700 mm X 2700 mm 3/4- or fully automatic flatbed screen printing machine for printing on glass and other rigid materials
SPM 880x1250 mm; year of construction 1983 No.47-40121 3/4 automatic machine with gripper system and fixed printing table.
Thieme screenprint printing format 120x160 cm consisting of: - Thieme 5040 3/4 automat
SVECIA Printmaster With gripper system and fixed printing table
SVECIA 3/4 automatic overhauled very good condition
SPS 3/4 Automat side delivery right Print format 1.60 x 3.40 m
SVECIA Printmaster Print size 880 x 1250 m
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