Sold machines
UV dryer Technigraf 900 mm 2 lamps with 120 W/cm Machine overhauled
ATMAOE 56 Precision screen printing machine with 4-post system and movable print table year of construction 2009 as good as new max. printformat 510 x 610 mm Standard features: vertical frame lift by accurate 4-post system movable print table modern and solid machine design precision print head 44-post system is lockable high-grade linear guidings provide absolutely smooth and silent machine motions smooth colour application setting and storing possibility of various print parameters provides easy operation extremely short setup-times coloured touch panel to display and set parameters digitally adjustable squeegee pressure and squeegee pressure compensation safety devices with emergency-stop-button, errror-diagnose system and restoration systems roller cleanmaschine rakel anti-drip equipment
Standard Features: pneumatically controlled sheet stacker Belt speed infinitely variable Control of sheet stacker by photocell and timer Electronic Batch Query Stacking height to 750 mm easy size adjustment and large adjustment ranges
SPS / Mirus stacker 30x41" print area
ATMA PC 710, G-6 version, 30x41" print area 4 post, rear take off, High Tech press for membrane switch, overlays, etc. Fe7veyj Color touchscreen control panel, Air Squeege, FINE pitch table
Thieme 3020
three-quarter automatic precision screen printing machine with movable metal vacuum table. Standard features: three-quarter automatic screen printing machine with movable metal vacuum table plate comfortable PLC control system with LED display to indicate operating status electromechanical drive and vertical motorical screen frame lift with synchronize mechanism single operating for setting-up adjustable pre-vacuum and print vacuum with programmable blow-back system precision positioning at high speed levels by means of wear resisting guidance of vacuum plate infinitely and separately variable squeegee and flood coater speed adjustable via potentiometer and pneumatically adjustable pressure neutral position for squeegee and flood coater automatic stroke operated by timer extremely short set-up times by means of pneumatic screen frame locking and squeegee snap closures infinitely variable printing stroke via limit switch adjustable inclination angle, readable by scale pneumatic locking of the master frame pneumatic maintenance unit Technical Information: model AT-80PP vacuum table 700 x 1000 mm vacuum area 600 x 750 mm max. printing size 600 x 750 mm max. frame size (external) 900 x 1100 mm max. substrate thickness 25 mm working height 960 mm frame lift 300 mm adjustable printing speed 0 - 835 mm/sec max. cycling speed 650 p/h micrometric screen fine adjustment x-y ±10 mm mains supply 400 / 50/60 V/Hz working pressure 6 bar dimensions: (l x w x h) 1500 x 2100 x 1650 mm weight ca 750 kg
Dryer Thieme Nathgraph Model Air-Force Dryer 155/1/1 2 x UV 120 W/cm Stacker
UV dryer Aktiprint UV 110/2 built in 1991 Type US00890 Serial number 251 814 overhauled very good condition
Schenk silk-screen carousel year 1995 printing mechanisms 6
SVECIA high performance dryer SPJD + UV built in 1995/2000 Belt speed 1.5-20 m / min
THIEME 1030 semiautomatic; year of construction 2001 Max. Print format 1000x1400mm
Svecia Vipromat 2, built in 1991 V-Mat-1 No.19663
Dryer Thieme Nathgraph Model Air-Force Dryer 155/1/1
Screen washer OmniSoltec with squeegee washer Decoating plant Varitec development facility
screen washing Zentner Soltec 250 + dry module Max. Sieve size 2.30 m x 1.60 m
THIEME 1000 GS built in 1997 1/2 automatic glass machine with vacuum table
Isimat 1000P No. 2906 built in 1984 Very robust pneumatically operated machine
Thieme S 3000 3/4 automatic machine built in 1992 Print size 750 x 750 mm Display to the rear Teknek cleaning system Digital display sieve adjustment X Y Z axis
Squeegee Belt Grinder STANDARD
SVECIA screen printing machine 1/2 Automat SSM very good condition year of construction 1992
SVECIA screen printing machine 1/2 Automat SSM very good condition year of construction 1992
SVECIA semi-automatic SSPC print size 500 x 700 mm
Thieme 3030 R Year 1992 very good, overhauled
Development / Decoating
Thieme 520H 3/4 Screen printing machine with UV dryer Clamshell machine With take out Size 750 x 1050 mm Free standing UV dryer 1100 with two UV lampes 120 W/cm Thieme Stacker
THIEME 1030/2 Year 1997 Machine no. 130971103121756/2 automatic screen printing machine THIEME 1030 1000x1400mm parallel lift in and withdrawable vacuum table, max. Screen frames approx 1450 x 1750 mm, with pneumatic screen frame, complete with pneumatic squeegee pressure control, Rakelwegverstellung continuously via sensor switch, infinitely adjustable squeegee speed, max. Substrate thickness 50 mm, control panel equipped with analog switches, either left or right side can be used
Thieme 3000 R 3/4 automatic machine year of construction: 1993 R125X230731148108
Thieme 3010 R year of construction 1981 Three-quarter automatic flatbed screen printing machine
Film cutter with base - Cutting device Hansag
SPS Uniflex 1/2 semi-automatic - built in 1990
HARLACHER H43-3 coating machine - with fully automatic coating sequence
Screen washer Zentner Soltec 250 + Drytec 50 New plant; built in 2009
SSM PC-B 50x70 mm overhauled - infinitely variable squeegee DC motor
EMM semi-automatic machine built in 1980 Parallel lifting
Semi-automatic screen printing machine Ekra - Print size 550 x 750 mm
SVECIA semi-automatic SSM; built in 1984 very good condition
SVECIA semi-automatic SSM Print format 750 x 1050 mm
SVECIA 3/4 Automat SM Print size 880x1250 mm
SVECIA 3/4 Automat, built in 1989 Print format 1050 x 1450 mm
with rolling knife Cutting width: 1400mm
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