Sold machines
Thieme 3030 R Year 1992 very good, overhauled
Development / Decoating
Thieme 520H 3/4 Screen printing machine with UV dryer Clamshell machine With take out Size 750 x 1050 mm Free standing UV dryer 1100 with two UV lampes 120 W/cm Thieme Stacker
THIEME 1030/2 Year 1997 Machine no. 130971103121756/2 automatic screen printing machine THIEME 1030 1000x1400mm parallel lift in and withdrawable vacuum table, max. Screen frames approx 1450 x 1750 mm, with pneumatic screen frame, complete with pneumatic squeegee pressure control, Rakelwegverstellung continuously via sensor switch, infinitely adjustable squeegee speed, max. Substrate thickness 50 mm, control panel equipped with analog switches, either left or right side can be used
Thieme 3000 R 3/4 automatic machine year of construction: 1993 R125X230731148108
Thieme 3010 R year of construction 1981 Three-quarter automatic flatbed screen printing machine
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