Squeegee cutting machine model THIEME TSC 130 G2 with motor-driven movable cutting head on linear guide, with pneumatic clamping device, adjustable cutting path, parallel guided height adjustment by hand wheel, with cutting angle adjustment, cooling lubrication with fine mist spray system, cutting length: 130 cm, connection 400V, 50Hz, compressed air 6bar necessary, year of construction: 2007, only slightly used, very good condition
Sakurai SC 102 (2007) fully automatic screen printing street. + Natgraph UV dryer with 2 lamps + stacker.
Thieme screen printing machine 3020 BJ: 1991 3/4 automat print format 700 x 1000 mm
Screen printing carousel Schenk Easy 6 printing stations 10 pallets - 3 sets of high-quality pallets for different textiles - Squeegee in different lengths
Thieme 5020 fully automatic machine year 2008 Max. print format 750 x 1050 mm consisting of: Feeder Mirus single sheet or stream feeder Printing machine with Wandres cleaning system UV dryer 2 lamps a 120 W/cm automatic sheet stacker Machine in excellent condition see pictures and video THIEME 5020 Fully automatic screen printing system with rotary grippers. Precision built, short set-up times. Absolute reliability for multi-shift operation. High precision and speed through servo drive motors. Precision built Maximum volume output, also for different formats and materials Short set-up times High precision and speed through servo driving force Machine job data storage memory Complete machine programmabiltiy High flexibility of the substrates from 0.1 to 6 mm Bom9h89nie Short setup times by tool-free setting Fast Investment amortization due to low staffing Highest Productivity Absolute reliability in multi-shift operation
Screen printing machine THIEME 1010 semi-automatic print format: 550 x 750 mm parallel lifting machine with mobile printing table, Squeegee stroke and squeegee speed infinitely electronically adjustable, print height: adjustable up to 20 mm
Reconditioned machine Semi-automatic screen printing machine with parallel lift Printec TP 500 print size 550 x 300 mm vacuum table, very good condition
1/2 automatic, shuttle table, long stroke screen printing machine for large format printing. print size 2000 x 1300 mm Shuttle printing table with servo motor-driven table drive Longstroke squeegee design Patented screen frame mounting system with synchronized screen support rails Motorized Screen Lifting Modern touchscreen panel
Screenprinting Machine, Svecia SM 550 x 750mm printing area,4 post vertical-horizontal print head lift,infinitely and independently controlled squeegee and floodcoater speeds, fully integrated delivery system, in as new condition.
Thieme screenprint 3/4 automat 5040 format 120x160 cm year of construction 2001
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