Thieme 1010 E
Thieme 510 3/4 Automatic angle-opening Year of construction 1997 reconditioned machine very good condition
SVECIA Screen Printing Machine 3/4 Automat very good condition built in 1996
Screen washer SIRI-Soltec 1 Material: Chamber stainless steel V2A Year of construction 1992 No. 09212038
Thieme 3000 SH format 1700 mm X 2700 mm 3/4- or fully automatic flatbed screen printing machine for printing on glass and other rigid materials
Squeegee Grinder Semi-Automatic
Squeegee grinding machine Thieme RSA 100 Grinding length 1000 mm
HARLACHER H41 coating machine with fully automatic coating sequence according to selectable program for multiple wet-on-wet coatings as well as one or two-sided coating.
SPM 880x1250 mm; year of construction 1983 No.47-40121 3/4 automatic machine with gripper system and fixed printing table.
Thieme screenprint printing format 120x160 cm consisting of: - Thieme 5040 3/4 automat
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